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Poster Setup for Printing

To create a poster in PowerPoint, first determine the final size of your poster. You can work at full size for a poster up to 56 inches long (the canvas limit in PowerPoint). If it is longer, you’ll need to work at half size, and we’ll double when we print.

  1. Open PowerPoint, and choose File, New.
  2. Select "blank presentation," "blank layout," and then choose File, Page Setup.
  3. In the slide size menu, choose custom.
  4. Now enter the dimensions you need, either full size or half size, according to your poster’s final dimensions.
  5. When you click OK, a very large blank "slide" opens up. For example, many posters are 3 by 6 feet, or 36 by 72 inches. Your setup size will be 18 by 36 inches. We print at 200% and you will end up with a 3 by 6 foot poster.

Please see guide sheet downloads for more information.