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Software Core

Our Software Engineering team aims is to create innovative solutions to complex problems that arise in the medical field. We work to adapt current technologies to fit the needs of our partners in the medical center to better improve the lives of our researchers, providers, staff and to improve the care of patients.


Aquarium VR sceneOne project, for example, supports Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) using VR. UR Health Lab is working with departments and clinicians throughout URMC to explore uses of virtual reality tech in clinical spaces. Currently being tested in adult and pediatric patients, VR has been used to reduce anxiety and amount of sedation used during a variety of procedures. 

As part of this initiative, the Software Core designed a VR application that mimics an aquarium setting (see left). This allows patients to explore an underwater setting and even interact with the application as a means of distraction and relaxation.



As a team, the UR Health Lab Software Core is comprised of innovators who seek to understand how technology can influence patient care. We tackle problems in a few ways, including: 



build on research findings to define functionalities and design easy-to-use interfaces 


Trials & Feasibility

evaluate MVPs, iterate on tech design, and beta test with actual users


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