Health Research

In Their Own Words: Volunteer Stories

"I've always held the belief that we should leave the world a little better than it was when we came in."
— Connie, research volunteer who participating in a study on the aging brain

"Having a wide variety of study participants allows us to conduct analyses that compare sub-groups – men vs. women or minorities vs. non-minorities – to see if there are differences."
— Dr. Ann Dozier, researcher

"It's important to learn from my seizures to prevent someone in the future from going through what I went through."
— Paul, research volunteer who hoped his participation would lead to a new level of understanding of seizure disorders

"Hispanics are the largest, fastest growing minority in the US and they are under-represented in research."
— Dr. Ana Elana Espinosa DeYcaza, researcher

"The study I participated in was to see if medication plays any part in hearing loss."
— Debbie, research volunteer whose motivation was her mother, who was being fitted for a hearing aide.

"If we don't have the representation of a large variety of people, then the knowledge is limited to those who participate."
— Dr. Diana Fernandez, researcher

Our ability to improve the health of everyone, depends on volunteers like you. If you share our desire to make the world a better, healthier place take a look at our open studies and trials and consider joining our local volunteer registry. Together, we can make a difference here in Rochester and around the world.