HMR Meal Replacement

What is HMR?

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HMR is a clinically proven weight loss program using nutritionally balanced meal replacements to help you lose weight quickly and learn the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. HMR has been helping people lose weight and attain a healthy lifestyle since 1983. The program is now a national leader in medically based meal replacements and behavioral coaching.

HMR foods are low in calories, high in nutrition and portion controlled. It is a simple, highly structured plan that reduces many of the stressful food decisions by replacing your current meals and snacks with the HMR weight loss foods, plus unlimited servings of fruits and vegetables. You will be able to eat as much as you like, so you will never feel deprived or hungry.

As more people struggle with weight, many are using meal replacement programs as a way to quickly lose weight while training the body for a healthy routine long term.

Average weight loss for an HMR patient is 28-37 lbs. over 12-26 weeks.

How does Highland Hospital’s HMR program work?

When you enroll in Highland’s HMR program you will join a weekly class led by a registered dietitian. This is the active weight loss stage of the program. The dietitian will help you customize your weight loss goals and provide you the skills, and accountability, necessary to achieve them.

Our team will help you determine your weekly prescription for calorie-controlled entrees, cereal, bars, soups and shakes.

It’s really easy to follow. During the active weight loss phase of the program, you will be consuming at least 3 HMR Shakes, 2 HMR Entrees, and 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. You will be amazed at the variety of meals and how good they taste. Plus, they will keep you satisfied and feeling full!

Using meal replacement for fast weight loss is very motivating. It can help you stick to your meal plan longer and reach you goals faster!


Once enrolled in Highland’s HMR program you will have medical oversight from our experienced bariatric team including physicians, nurse practitioners and registered dietitians. Our team is committed to providing clinical guidance and personalized treatment plans to help you achieve your individual health goals.

All of our participants have a body composition analysis at the start of the program and then again at 3 month intervals. A body composition analysis allows us to assess your weight changes along with the changes in your fat and lean body mass.

To effectively treat obesity, you need skills in nutrition, exercise and behavior modification. Our structured program* holds individuals accountable to tracking daily food intake, physical activity, and weight as well as attending weekly classes. Additionally, peer support from other participants provides an added layer of motivation as challenges and success stories are shared by the group.

Throughout the program, you will have weekly opportunities to work with our dietitians in class and one-on-one. They will help you overcome struggles and ensure continuous progress towards your personal weight and health goals.

We see the greatest success when participants commit to a minimum of 3 months or more in the active weight loss phase. Once your weight loss goals have been met, the dietitian will provide the guidance needed to gradually replace HMR meal replacements with healthy grocery store foods. At this time, you may transition to our phase 2 and focus on the advanced skills needed to maintain your desired weight.

*You must be one year post op from bariatric surgery to join the HMR Meal Replacement program.


What is the cost of the program?

Active Weight Loss Program:

Phase 1:

  • $100/month for weekly classes, coaching and peer support.

  • Approximately $120/week for your complete supply of HMR foods. This replaces your grocery and restaurant expenses with the exception of fruits and vegetables.

Phase 2:

  • $70/ month for weekly classes, coaching and peer support.

  • Minimum of $100/month for your supply of HMR foods. This will help you navigate your new meal plan as you gradually introduce more grocery store items.

How do I get started?

Let our team guide you through our process and help you take the first step to achieving your weight loss goals. Contact us today!