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Mary's Journey

Bariatric Surgery Inperson seminars

I’ve been overweight my entire adult life and trying weight loss programs for over the last 3 decades. I’ve been able to lose 30-40 pounds on them but I’ve always gained it back and more. My weight was also starting to cause other health issues for me. I started taking blood pressure medication and the arthritis in my knees had me becoming more and more limited physically. When it came time to have knee replacement surgery, I needed to lose weight to even qualify. I tried on my own but had limited success. My orthopedic surgeon finally convinced me to try the program at Highland’s Bariatric Center.

I started in March 2020, just as the pandemic shut the world down. In some ways, the shutdown made things much easier. I was staying home, I could really focus on my eating and I started walking daily…despite the knee pain. I met with my dietician virtually and the encouragement and coaching of the classes enabled me to stay on target. By June, I had lost enough weight for my surgeon to agree to do my knee replacement. The weight loss also helped me recover faster from my knee surgery and tackle my physical therapy with determination. I’ve continued losing in the months after surgery and have lost just over 70 pounds now.

 I am looking forward to my new life living out my motto: new knee, new me !

I really feel like the changes in my eating habits using this program will be sustainable for my new life. I am not hungry on my meal plan and I even look forward to the fruits and veggies I eat every day. I know I still have hard work ahead of me to lose the rest of the weight and to maintain my weight loss once I go back to preparing my own foods. I am confident that the support I have through this program will see me successfully through those hurdles!