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What to Bring for Your Hospital Stay

If you use a special machine for sleep apnea, please bring it to use immediately after surgery.

The Hospital Stay

Most patients stay in the hospital:

  • 3 nights for an open procedure

  • 2 nights for a laparoscopic procedure

The day of surgery counts as your first night. So, if your surgery is on a Tuesday, you can expect to go home Friday morning if you have an open procedure or Thursday if laparoscopic.

If we need to closely monitor your heart and lungs, you may stay in the intensive care unit.

After Surgery

Depending on the procedure, your surgeon, occasionally, may place one or two small tubes around your stomach pouch and bypassed stomach to drain fluids or under the skin wound.

To prevent blood clots:

  • We put anti-embolism compressive devices on your legs or feet

  • Your surgeon will ask you to stand up and move around as soon as possible, usually within the first 24 hours

Going Home

You can go home once you:

  • Can take in enough fluids and nutrients by mouth to prevent dehydration

  • Have no fever

  • Can control pain with medication

This is in 2-3 days for more than 90% of patients. You should be able to take care of yourself without extra help at home.

Just remember: if you have the open procedure, you won't be able to lift more than 20 pounds for the first six weeks after surgery.

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