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Pregnancy and Birth Control

Be Diligent About Birth Control For Two Years After Surgery

The operation is hard enough on your body. The added demands of pregnancy could increase the potential for complications of surgery such as, miscarriage, premature delivery and malnutrition for the mother.

Besides, for a healthy pregnancy, you need to be able to eat fruits, vegetables, and meats—things you may not be able to tolerate during the first two years after surgery. Plus, many patients vomit frequently after surgery. Add that to the typical pregnancy morning sickness and...well, it isn't pretty. If you wait two years, you will have much less post-surgery vomiting, will be more comfortable, and most important: be able to nourish a growing baby.

Your surgeon may tailor these guidelines for your specific situation, so please speak with your physician if you have any concerns or need recommendations for appropriate methods of birth control following surgery.