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UR Medicine Breast Imaging is a regional leader in research and clinical trials.

Cone Beam Breast Computed Tomography (CBCT) Scanning

UR Medicine Breast Imaging  is conducting a pilot study of this new imaging technology. It has the promise of equaling or surpassing mammography in detecting breast cancer and, unlike traditional mammograms, it does it without breast compression.

The challenge in breast cancer detection is to find ways to detect malignancies at earlier stages, when they have a better chance of being cured, and in younger women who have dense tissue. The CBCT scanner reconstructs images into a three-dimensional image. The system has the advantage of being more comfortable. The woman lies on her stomach on a cushioned exam table with a cutout in the middle. She suspends her breasts one at a time through the cutout while the CBCT takes 300 images in seconds. The radiation dose is comparable to that of mammography. Unlike conventional mammography, the CBCT system clearly displays tissue around the ribs and outer breast near the armpits, where 50% of cancers are found.