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Common Questions and Answers

The Evarts Joint Center at Highland Hospital has performed more joint replacements than any center in our region. Here the are answers to common questions we have heard most often about each stage of the process. Please feel free to Contact us to get your specific questions answered.

Recovery from Joint ReplacementBefore your Surgery

When planning for a successful hip or knee replacement it's important to have all the information you need from the very beginning. See the Questions

Your Hospital StayYour Hospital Stay

While every joint is different and every patient has unique needs for joint treatment, we have learned through years of experience that there are many common questions about joint surgery itself. See the Questions

Recovery from Joint ReplacementRecovery from Joint Replacement

Patients are an important part of successful joint surgery recovery. You should have enough information to be an empowered, active participant in the entire process. See the Questions

Recovery from Joint ReplacementQuality of Life After Surgery

We know you look forward to more mobility with less pain, but there are probably many other question you have about your new knee or hip. Here are answers to the most common question we here. See the Questions