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Planning Starts Before Surgery

Patients who are scheduled for joint replacement surgery are strongly encouraged to attend a pre-operative class to learn more about your surgery, and to plan for the recovery process.

Your Road to Recovery After Surgery

  • Starting on day one, a dedicated physical therapist will provide one-to-one rehab therapy at your bedside and in Evarts Joint Center's own gym so you never have to leave the floor. He or she will focus on body mechanics and balance, safety precautions, energy conservation, joint mobility and strengthening and conditioning of supporting muscles.

  • Your occupational therapist will probably see you on day two. He or she will evaluate your ability to complete activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing, and will help solve problems and teach you new methods of achieving independent functioning.

  • You'll be discharged from the hospital when you're able to achieve certain rehabilitative milestones, such as getting in and out of bed unassisted or walking 100 feet.

  • You may go directly home or to a facility that assists in rehabilitation. The decision will be made collectively by you, your social worker, your surgeon, your physical therapist, and your insurance company. You are free to choose the rehabilitation facility that you want to use. The following are affiliated with Highland Hospital and/or the University of Rochester Medical Center.

See a list of Nursing Homes for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Exercises - Be Sure to Get Approval from Your Physician