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Glenn's Story

Evarts Joint Center at Highland Hospital

Tennis is part of Glenn’s DNA. Apparently, so is arthritis.

Glenn worked for years coaching talented young athletes as a coach on the women’s professional tennis tour. Two of his players earned rankings among the top 20 in the world, with one winning the U.S. Open doubles and becoming a semi-finalist at Wimbledon.

About a year later, he began to experience severe pain in his back. He had an X-ray and was told that he had arthritis. "My dad had terrible arthritis in his knees," says Glenn. "He was basically crippled when he was in his 80s."

The pain soon spread to both of Glenn's hips. Further X-rays taken led the doctor to tell Glenn that he had poor spacing in both of his hips and that he would eventually need to have them both replaced.

Over the next few years, Glenn would go through a series of joint replacement operations: His right hip was replaced in 1998, his left hip in 2001, his right knee in 2006 and his left knee in 2008.

"By the time I had my second knee done, I was getting much better at it!" Glenn relates. "I prepared much more and got my quadriceps stronger by working out on machines and riding a recumbent bike."

Working with the Evarts Joint Center also made the process easier for him. "They’re tremendous!" says Glenn. "The facility is wonderful, they’re friendly—everyone from the nurses to the anesthesiologist. It's unparalleled."

After his last surgery, Glenn is hitting tennis balls up to 30 minutes each day and hopes to be back to playing tennis soon. "I feel fabulous," says Glenn. "I'm essentially pain-free. I'm working out, feeling good, and having fun.

Now Glenn has started working as a new kind of coach—to other people who are considering joint replacement. "I can't say enough about how they make a good situation out of what you think is a bad situation."

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