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Visitors at the Highland Surgical Center

There is a Visitor's Lounge at the Highland Surgery Center where one or two visitors per patient are welcome to wait while their loved ones are being prepped for surgery.

After patients go into surgery, we ask visitors to go to wait in the main lobby of the hospital and check in with the staff at the information desk. They will be given a pager, and an estimate of the length of time that the patient will be in surgery. Visitors will be paged when the doctor is on the phone and ready to speak with them, and when the patient is ready to receive visitors.

In addition, Highland has a surgical Message Board that visitors can view any time to see how their loved one's surgery is progressing. The Message Board is located off the lobby next to the Outpatient Pharmacy. The front desk staff will provide visitors with a number that will confidentially identify the patient.

After recovering from anesthesia, patients who are being discharged can go home, and patients that will be admitted to the hospital will be moved to their rooms.