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Pre-Surgical Eating Guidelines

For the best possible outcome, please follow the instructions about eating solid foods and drinking fluids that are given to you during your pre-surgical screening appointment, or by your surgeon. There may be guidelines that are specific to you, the procedure you're having, and the surgeon performing the procedure. If you are scheduled to have bariatric surgery, or you are pregnant, obese, have gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying), or reflux, you are likely to be given special instructions about solids and fluids. Failure to follow the instructions could lead to a delay or cancelation of your procedure.

If you have questions or concerns, please call your surgeon's office, or call the Surgery Center at (585) 341-6707.

General Guidelines For The Day of Surgery

  • Do not eat solid food after midnight.
  • Do not chew gum or eat candy or mints after midnight.
  • Do not drink milk or orange juice after midnight.
  • Clear liquids are permitted up to TWO hours before the scheduled procedure.
    • Water
    • Clear apple juice - no cider or apple juice with pulp
    • Clear carbonated beverages
    • Black coffee or tea - do not use cream, milk, or powdered creamer