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Top 5 Tips for Breastfeeding

Mother and Baby

1. Relax. 

Give yourself a lot of time and patience to learn something that's new for both you and baby. It's like learning to dance with a dance partner, it takes a while to become good dancing partners.

2. Never second guess if you should feed the baby.

 If the baby is showing signs of hunger, feed the baby. Their goal is to grow and you're helping them to do that.

3. Realize you're starting a new normal.

Don’t expect to get everything done that you normally would in a day.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

There are lots of resources out there. If you are struggling, let your nurse, Lactation Consultant or health provider know. They are there to help you succeed both in and out of the hospital. The number for Highland Hospital Lactation Services is (585) 341-6808 and more tools can be found here.

5. One size does not fit all. 

You and your baby will find what works for you. Whether it's breastfeeding, bottle feeding or a combination of both, feel free to do whatever helps you be the best mom and helps your baby grow.

by Darla Teravainen, RN, IBCLC, Lactation Coordinator for Highland Hospital