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After Your Baby is Born

As soon as possible after your baby's birth, you are encouraged to touch, hold, and cuddle your baby. Only two vital procedures take priority over this:

  • Removing any mucus that might interfere with your baby’s breathing
  • Drying and covering the baby to prevent loss of body heat

Newborn Protection

For safety, immediately after your baby's birth, an identification band is placed on your baby's ankle and a matching band is placed on your wrist. Another similar band is given to your partner or support person. The numbers on these bands are checked each time your baby is brought to you. The numbers are also checked when you take your baby from the nursery. Only you and the person wearing the similar band are allowed to take your baby from the nursery. More newborn protection information.

Babies are unique individuals from the moment of birth.

Studies have shown that they can see, smell, and feel and can recognize their mother's and father's voices. If you plan to breastfeed, we encourage you to feed the baby as soon as possible after delivery. Your baby will also receive erythromycin eye ointment and a vitamin K injection after delivery, procedures that are mandated by New York State. See more info in our Vaccination Recommendation Letter

 Following the birth of your baby, you are encouraged to walk and move about as soon as you feel able to do so. You will have assistance to the bathroom and may shower when you feel ready. After your baby’s birth, your family and the new baby remain in your private childbirth room for one to two hours. Your nurse will closely monitor you and your baby during the first few hours following delivery.

Prior to admission you must select your baby’s physician. If your baby's physician is not on our staff, our full-time staff pediatrician will check your baby each day. When you go home, the baby’s record will be forwarded to your baby’s doctor.


At the Family Maternity Center, rooming-in means you may keep your baby with you as much as you desire—even overnight if you choose. For times when you want privacy or rest, your baby is cared for in our nursery. For your baby’s safety, we request that your baby be placed in the bassinet when being transported to the nursery or when you or your family are not holding the baby. Never leave the baby unattended on your bed.