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Newborn Protection Practices

Safety and security for you and your baby is our priority while you are here at the hospital. Here are ways we ensure the safety of your newborn:

For The Safety of Your Newborn

  • A special security band will be placed on your baby immediately after birth and will remain until you go home. You will be asked to sign a "Parent's Promise" contract that will inform you of other safety measures in place here at the Family Maternity Center.

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws prevent us from giving information over the phone and in person to family and visitors. Please be certain you have a phone tree or communication plan in place for your family and friends.

  • Mother and newborn are identified at delivery through finger/footprinting in addition to the identification bands.

  • When rooming-in with your newborn, you must be able to respond to and care for him or her.

    • Your bed is left in a low position and your bed siderails are up as needed.

    • Your nurse call bell is kept within reach—please use it whenever you need assistance.

    • A bulb syringe is always in the crib.

    • A dim light is left on at night when your newborn is in your room.