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Student Nurse Programs

Student Nurse and Patient Care Technician Programs

Student Nurse Patient Care Technicians support and provide direct patient care on the nursing unit. SNPCTs play an integral role in the physical and emotional comfort of patients and their families. In addition, they complete other patient care-related tasks under the supervision of a registered nurse.

The SNPCT role was created to help nursing students grow as they transition into the nursing role. To be eligible, a student nurse must be currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program and must have successfully completed one clinical rotation while at an approved school of nursing.

SNPCT’s are hired per diem with a minimum commitment of a 24-hour/six-week scheduling block is required. This allows nursing students to concentrate on school but, at the same time, gain on-the-job knowledge, clinical skills and prioritization training.

All student nurses participate in an abbreviated orientation since they already have been trained in and have learned many of the basic Patient Care Technician skills during their clinical(s) in nursing school.

Any available SNPCT positions are posted on our Career Center page.