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Specialty - Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit is an Adult Medical/Surgical Unit that provides comprehensive care to critically ill or injured patients by combining state-of-the-art monitoring with diagnostics. Various clinical services include medical, surgical, cardiac, pulmonary, vascular, neuro, ENT, and plastics. RNs provide primary care with the support of patient care technicians and unit secretaries. Resident physicians, intensivists, and/or physician assistants are present in the ICU 24 hours a day, seven days per week to complete this very collaborative environment.

Find out what Rosie Vitale says about working in the ICU

Rosie Vitale, ASN, ACLS, BLS, RN

Rosie Vitale, ASN, ACLS, BLS, RN


I earned my nursing degree at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. My goal is to go on for my BSN and CCRN.

Time and Career Path at Highland Hospital

I started at Highland Hospital in the ICU after I graduated in June 2004. I completed a nursing residency at Highland and decided to stay because I wanted a place where I could learn and grow and where the staff is supportive of its employees.

My Dominant Personality Traits

Stress comes in many forms in the ICU—you need to multitask, constantly be on alert for subtle changes in your patients, focus, and make quick decisions during emergencies, and be comfortable working with complex equipment. I'm good at prioritizing, steady under pressure, and a quick learner. I'm also personable and compassionate. I almost always have a smile on my face.

About the Intensive Care Unit

It's a high tempo, highly uncertain environment. Like any unit, we have a daily rhythm, but underneath we know that it can change at a moment's notice because of our patients’ critical conditions.

There’s not a lot of downtime in the ICU. Every nurse has two patients and is responsible for every patient’s needs. Most of our patients require constant cardiac and respiratory monitoring and continual adjustment of treatments. Nurses are the ones who are constantly at the patient’s bedside, so communication with physicians is a critical part of our job. While patient care is our primary focus, we also focus on patients’ families and help them make informed decisions about their loved ones. Our physicians value our knowledge and ideas. Since ICU patients usually have multiple doctors, nurses are constantly working with different physicians. I learn so much every day.

The source of my greatest job satisfaction comes from our nursing team. We're a very diverse group so there are a lot of unique personalities and opinions, but somehow we unite! Our strengths are complementary so we learn from each other and look out for each other. Our primary goal is to make sure our patients receive the best possible care.

Education is my priority. Highland offers classes and an education reimbursement program, which is very helpful. The nursing leadership is extremely considerate of my schedule. I often pick up additional shifts and am able to take a day off when needed.

I get to do the things I enjoy every day. I work with the latest technology and people I respect and like. I'm learning and growing constantly and make a difference in the lives of patients who really need me. It is very gratifying.