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MRI Replacement Project & North Retaining Wall Status

MRI Replacement Project 

The MRI Replacement Project, which began in September 2019, is on schedule.

On Thursday, Jan. 23, prework to install the new MRI machine will take place on the roof of the southeast wing. The roof will be opened to weld a steel post to support the screen wall, a rain collar will be installed on the MRI duct fan, and roofers will install a safety rail around the exhaust fan. There will be welding on the roof as well as use of a torch to melt snow and ice. A portable gas welder will emit some sound and potentially some gas odors. Work will begin at 7 a.m. and will continue throughout the day.

The new MRI machine will be delivered on Friday, Jan. 24. On that day, Bellevue Drive will be closed to traffic east of the construction trailers heading toward the hospital's discharge area. The alley off of Bellevue Drive and entrance to the hospital will accessible to traffic. 

The temporary wooden staircase on Bellevue Drive will be removed on Jan. 28 or 29 and the window will be reinstalled. A large metal crane lift will be used to remove the staircase. 

North Lot Wall Update

The North Lot Wall Project continues to move forward. To maintain the integrity of the wall, additional supports have been designed. The material to complete these supports is on order and expected by mid-to-late February


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