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Support Rail Installation

Installation of support rails for the fuel oil piping on the roof of the Observation Unit has started. Crews will be cutting open small sections of the roof in specific locations to attach the rail supports and using torches to warm up the adhesive. Noises will include grinding and impact drills, smells might include melting rubber.

Fuel Oil Pump Room concrete work is underway along the south side of the existing South Addition. The Fuel Oil Pump Room is scheduled to be complete and operational by the end of February, early March.

Excavation and installation of shoring for the tower crane pad (concrete base) is underway. This is expected to create noise, but not as much as previous shoring as a different type of shoring system is being used. As noted previously, the actual erection of the crane is scheduled to start mid to late Summer.

Global Administrator | 1/22/2021

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