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Linda’s Healing Garden at Highland Hospital

Linda's Garden at Highland Hospital

A Symbol of Our Commitment to Compassionate Care

Since it opened its doors in 1889, Highland Hospital has been renowned for its culture of being a community hospital that provides compassionate care for its patients. Today, Highland remains true to its values. Our people and programs strive to go above and beyond what it takes to care for patients. We believe it is also important to enhance patient care away from the hospital room.

Made Possible by the Generosity of The Maxion Family Charitable Fund

Linda MaxionThe creation of Linda’s Garden was made possible by the generosity of The Maxion Family Charitable Fund of Rochester Area Community Foundation. After an extended stay at Highland with few places to visit for a “change of scenery,” Linda Maxion visualized the idea of creating a “healing garden” so patients have an opportunity for exercise, stress relief and social support, all which can aid the immune system to stimulate the healing process. Linda’s Garden will be a special place within Highland for patients, families, and visitors to be relieved from the hospital setting.

An Inviting and Energizing Space for Patients and Their loved Ones


Click on the pictures above to enlarge. With plenty of natural light, the garden will be an inviting and energizing space which will become a symbol of Linda’s compassionate spirit, and of Highland’s mission. The concept of Linda’s Garden is rooted in our commitment to support the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and loved ones in a compassionate environment. It was Linda’s wish that when visitors leave the garden, they will feel strengthened and renewed.

With Additional Support From Friends Like You

In order to sustain Linda’s Garden, we need additional support from friends like you. Learn more about how you can honor a loved one, celebrate your recovery, or convey a message of hope and inspiration through your gift. We are also seeking an endowment that will form a permanent source of funding for maintenance of the garden at Highland. We believe a hospital is one of the most important institutions in a community. Our success depends on those who share our vision for an outstanding healthcare environment focused on compassionate care. Please join us in making Linda’s Garden a symbol of our values.

Contact Andrew Muldoon, Director of Advancement for the Highland Hospital Foundation

Call:  (585) 341-9557 or (585) 341-0860