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URMC / Highland Hospital / Medical Professionals / Physician News / February 2017 / New Linear Accelerator at Highland Improves Treatment Efficiency

New Linear Accelerator at Highland Improves Treatment Efficiency

UR Medicine’s Wilmot Cancer Institute at Highland Hospital welcomed an exciting new upgrade in early December with the delivery of a new Linear Accelerator. The new machine is a Varian TrueBeam and it offers a number of state-of-the-art improvements.

The TrueBeam platform is fully-integrated for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery, which makes it much more efficient for therapists to use. It can treat cancer anywhere in the body where radiation treatment is needed, including lung, breast, prostate and head and neck. It can quickly and accurately deliver a very high radiation dose to the targeted areas.

With the TrueBeam, all adjustments can be made from outside the room without interrupting the treatment, making the process easier for both patients and staff. With the previous machine, if the therapist needed to make an adjustment they would have to go in and out of the treatment room.

“I am very excited and very grateful for Highland administration’s investment and commitment to the best possible cancer treatment to the community,” said Hong Zhang, M.D., Ph.D, Chief of Radiation Oncology. “Highland has a strong tradition of providing leading edge cancer treatment and this new machine helps us continue that legacy.”

Because Highland Hospital’s previous Linear Accelerator was still in great condition, it’s been moved to the Noyes Memorial Hospital in Dansville so patients south of Rochester can also receive high quality radiation therapy services closer to home.


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