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Highland Completes 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

2018 Strategic PlanHighland is in a sound financial position with a reputation as a high quality, cost-effective community hospital known for patient- and family-centered, compassionate care and is well prepared for the future.

The Highland Hospital Strategic Plan for the 2018-22 period is complete and it sets the hospital on course toward continued progress and expansion over the next five years. The plan includes benchmark quality measures, growth in clinical services, new approaches to improve the overall patient experience, and initiatives to ensure employee engagement and employee wellness in a culture where all can thrive and provide exceptional care.

Highland is poised for growth with a forecast including increases of 13 percent in admissions, 8 percent in patient days, 15 percent in emergency room visits, and 25 percent in operating room procedures.

Highland is focused on being the leading community hospital recognized for best outcomes in clinical quality and patient safety, providing a unique brand of service excellence that promotes high satisfaction for patients and physicians, creating a culture that fosters a positive work environment resulting in high levels of employee engagement, continuing to develop outstanding clinical programs unique to Highland that respond to the needs of the community, and leveraging the faculty and UR Medicine’s expertise, complementing UR Medicine’s Strategic Plan.

In addition, success hinges upon investment in facility improvements, new equipment, and information technology enhancements to provide a state-of-the-art environment for clinical staff to practice, and for patients to receive high quality care. It’s important that Highland’s financial performance remains strong, supporting quality care and investments that meet planned growth.

“Ultimately, achievement of these goals will come from all of us as we work together, every day, to secure our future and achieve results,” said Cindy Becker, Highland Hospital Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “We’re confident we will be successful.”

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