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Highland Hospital Introduces Customized App for Bariatric Patients

Baritastic AppHighland Hospital is teaming up with “Baritastic,” a weight loss app, to offer a customized experience for patients in the Highland Bariatric Program. By connecting to Highland’s Bariatric Program through the “Baritastic” app, users will be able to more easily share information with their dietitians, access the program’s meal plans, and receive notifications of upcoming support events. Highland is the first hospital in Monroe County to offer this kind of tool for weight loss patients.

The app provides an outline for potential patients to learn more about what to expect on their weight loss journey, both before and after bariatric surgery. It also allows current patients to track their daily food intake and exercise routines. Patients will be able to set reminders for vitamins and supplements, store before and after photos, and set reminders for upcoming support group meetings. The app also has the capability to link to most step-tracking devices. The goal is for patients to have more information at their fingertips and to help them stay better connected to the Highland Hospital Bariatric Surgery Center throughout their weight loss journey.

Patients looking to download the app can find “Baritastic” in either the Apple or Google app stores and connect to Highland Bariatric Center using code 410366. For more information on Highland Hospital’s Bariatric Surgery Center, visit

Jim Riggs | 2/12/2018

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