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Lessons Learned from "High Reliability Organizations" Grand Rounds

Thank you to all who attended the special Patient Safety Grand Rounds featuring  Steve Kreiser, Partner, Healthcare Performance Improvement, Press Ganey Strategic Consulting,  a national speaker and expert on improving human performance in the health care environment.

Steve’s presentation was powerful and gave us new tools to ensure that we have every effort in place to assure the utmost in patient safety.  Most importantly, he stressed that we must all work as a team and practice the following:

  • Safety must be a core value and fundamental to our mission.
  • Harm can happen on our watch, in our hospital. We have to be ever cautious.
  • Serious harm events are preventable and a continuous journey toward ZERO is the only acceptable goal.
  • We improve reliability and safety by the right mix of process, people, and system design.
  • Clear and concrete – not abstract – behaviors for error prevention must be adopted by all.
  • Structured methods for high reliability leadership must be put into place to ensure long term sustainability.
  • It takes everyone: our board, senior leaders, operational leaders, staff, and physicians working together to make us the safest organization possible.

That’s why it’s vital for physicians to lead our quality committees and attend grand rounds designed around patient safety. And it’s equally as important for you to share your observations with us about how we can improve.  We welcome your input. Please contact my office if you have ideas to strengthen our patient safety systems and processes.

If you missed the presentation you can read more here. (Internal Access Required)


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