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Congratulations to the physicians who have recently published. If you would like to have your publication listed in the May edition of Highland Physician please send in the format seen below to and indicate that it is a submission for the physician newsletter.

  • Aburjania N, Sherazi S, Tchantchaleishvili V, Alexis JD, Hay CM. “Stopping conventional showering decreases Pseudomonas infections in left ventricular assist device patients.”             Int J Artif Organs. 2017 Jun 9;40(6):282-285.
  • Algattas H, Damania D, DeAndrea-Lazarus I, Kimmell KT, Marko NF, Walter KA, Vates GE, Jahromi BS. “Systematic Review of Safety and Cost-Effectiveness of Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Strategies in Patients Undergoing Craniotomy for Brain Tumor.Neurosurgery. 2018 Feb 1;82(2):142-154.
  • Carney PA; Waller E; Dexter E; Marino M; Morton K; Green L; Fogarty CT; Jones S; Eiff MP. "Team training in family medicine residency programs and its impact on team-based practice post-graduation." Family Medicine. 2017; 49(5): 346-352.
  • Daimee UA, Wang M, Papernov A, Sherazi S, McNitt S, Vidula H, Chen L, Alexis JD, Kutyifa V. “Renal Function Changes Following Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation.Am J Cardiol. 2017 Dec 15;120(12):2213-2220.
  • Dwyer-Matzky, K, Blatt A, Asselin BL, Wood Dl. “Lack of Preparedness for Pediatric to Adult-Oriented Health Care Transition in Hospitalized Adolescents and Young Adults.” Academic Pediatrics. ​2018 Jan-Feb; 18(1): 102-110.
  • Elias CM; Shields CG; Griggs JJ; Fiscella K; Christ SL; Colbert J; Henry SG; Hoh BG; Hunte HER; Marshall M; Mohile SG; Plumb S; Tejani MA; Venuti A; Epstein RM. "The social and behavioral influences (SBI) study: study design and rationale for studying the effects of race and activation on cancer pain management." BMC Cancer. 2017; 17(1):575.
  • Epstein R. "Ronald Epstein, MD: Bringing mindfulness into the examination room." Advances in Mind-Body Medicine. 2017; 31(2):21-28.
  • Fenton JJ; Duberstein PR; Kravitz RL; Xing G; Tancredi DJ; Fiscella K; Mohile S; Epstein RM "Impact of prognostic discussions on the patient-physician relationship: prospective cohort study." Journal of Clinical Oncology: Official Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 2017; Epub Nov 17.
  • Fiscella K; Mauksch L; Bodenheimer T; Salas E. "Improving care teams' functioning: recommendations from team science." Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. 2017; 43(7):361-368.
  • Fiscella K. "Improving the health of patients and communities: Evolving practice-based research (PBR) and collaborations." Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: JABFM. 2017; 30(5):562-566.
  • Fogarty CT; Crues L. "How to talk to reluctant patients about the flu shot." Family Practice Management. 2017; 24(5):6-8.
  • Gilligan T; Coyle N; Frankel RM; Berry DL; Bohlke K; Epstein RM; Finlay E; Jackson VA; Lathan CS; Loprinzi CL; Nguyen LH; Seigel C; Baile WF. “Patient-clinician communication: American society of clinical oncology consensus guideline.” Journal of Clinical Oncology: Official Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 2017; 35(31):3618-3632.
  • Hamstra DA; Mariados N; Sylvester J; Shah D; Karsh L; Hudes R; Beyer D; Kurtzman S; Bogart J; Hsi RA; Kos M; Ellis R; Logsdon M; Zimberg S; Forsythe K; Zhang H; Soffen E; Francke P; Mantz C; Rossi P; DeWeese T; Daignault-Newton S; Fischer-Valuck BW; Chundury A; Gay H; Bosch W; Michalski J "Continued Benefit to Rectal Separation for Prostate Radiation Therapy: Final Results of a Phase III Trial." International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. 2017; 97(5):976-985.
  • Hamstra DA; Mariados N; Sylvester J; Shah D; Gross E; Hudes R; Beyer D; Kurtzman S; Bogart J; Hsi RA; Kos M; Ellis R; Logsdon M; Zimberg S; Forsythe K; Zhang H; Soffen E; Francke P; Mantz C; Rossi P; DeWeese T; Daignault-Newton S; Fischer-Valuck BW; Chundury A; Gay HA; Bosch W; Michalski J. "Sexual quality of life following prostate intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with a rectal/prostate spacer: Secondary analysis of a phase 3 trial." Practical Radiation Oncology. 2018; 8(1):e7-e15.
  • Hansen F, Teeple H, Csati J, Gillespie SM. Pharmacy diabetes management of a Veteran population in a long term care setting; a program evaluation. The Consultant Pharmacist. 2017; 32(11): 676-681.
  • Hlubocky FJ; Rose M; Epstein RM. "Mastering resilience in oncology: learn to thrive in the face of burnout." American Society of Clinical Oncology Educational Book. 2017; 37(1):771-781.
  • Karuza J,  Gillespie SM, Olsan T, Cai X, Dang S, Intrator O, Li J, Gao S, Kinosian B, Edes T. National Structural Survey of Veterans Affairs Home Based Primary Care Programs. Journal of American Geriatrics Society. 2017; 65 (12): 2697-2701.
  • Kutyifa V, Fernandez G, Sherazi S, Aktas M, Huang D, McNitt S, Papernov A, Wang M, Massey HT, Chen L, Alexis JD. “Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators and Survival in Continuous-Flow Left Ventricular Assist Device Patients.ASAIO Journal. 2017 Dec 5.
  • Locock L; Lehman R; Epstein RM. "Sharing experiences of illness and care." JAMA Internal Medicine. 2017; 177(9):1249-1250.
  • Liu X, Mangla R, Tian W, Qiu X, Li D, Walter KA, Ekholm S, Johnson MD. “The preliminary radiogenomics association between MR perfusion imaging parameters and genomic biomarkers, and their predictive performance of overall survival in patients with glioblastoma.J Neurooncol. 2017 Dec;135(3):553-560.
  • Mauksch LB; Fogarty CT. "Collaborative family health care, civil rights, and social determinants of health." Families, Systems & Health: The Journal of Collaborative Family Healthcare. 2017; 35(1):1-6.
  • Nathan KT, Hopkins HA, DiLoreto SE, Ta NA, Caprio TV. Sertraline and phenytoin drug interaction in a geriatric patient. Ann Longterm Care. 2017;25(5):46-48. doi:10.25270/altc.2017.10.e00001
  • Narla SK; Nicholls LE; Fogarty CT. “Choosing wisely guidelines-ethics.” Family Doctor. 2017; 6(2).
  • Nicholls LE; Narla SK; Fogarty CT. “Choosing wisely guidelines on controlled medication use in common clinical scenarios.” Family Doctor. 2017; 6(1).
  • Rozensky R, Grus C, Fouad N & McDaniel SH (2017) Twenty-five years of Education in Psychology and Psychology in Education.  Special issue of the American Psychologist celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the American Psychological Association.  Editors:  Anne Kazak, Gary VandenBos & John Hogan.  72:8:791-807.
  • Sherazi S, Kutyifa V, McNitt S, Papernov A, Hallinan W, Chen L, Storozynsky E, Johnson BA, Strawderman RL, Massey HT, Zareba W, Alexis JD. “Effect of Gender on the Risk of Neurologic Events and Subsequent Outcomes in Patients With Left Ventricular Assist Devices.Am J Cardiol. 2017 Jan 15;119(2):297-301.
  • Thompson Stone R; Tollefson T; Epstein R; Jozefowicz RF; Mink JW. “Education research: positive effect of scheduled faculty modeling on clerkship student bedside skills exposure and learning.” Neurology. 2017; 88(24):e236-e239.



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