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URMC / Highland Hospital / Medical Professionals / Physician News / February 2021 / 2021: Vaccines Bring Hope for Relief from Pandemic

2021: Vaccines Bring Hope for Relief from Pandemic

We faced a stage in the COVID-19 pandemic that we hoped never to reach, with more hospitalizations and deaths than ever before. But hospitalizations are now dropping quickly and we are headed in the right direction. The availability of vaccines is giving us tools and illuminating hope that with continued perseverance we can get to the other side. As of February 5, the total doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines administered at Highland was 4,745. We are grateful for the prompt availability of the vaccine and the NYSDOH prioritization criteria that lets us make it available to physicians and APPs, those involved in direct patient care, and eventually for all staff. We anticipate a continued supply so that each person has the opportunity to receive the vaccine. We urge you to take advantage of this offering, unless you have health problems that make you at risk. So far each person who has received the vaccine at Highland has reported no serious side effects.

If you have already received your vaccine you know what an amazing experience it can be. When I received mine I felt the excitement and the Highland spirit of warmth and compassion all around me in those working in the clinic and those receiving their vaccines the same time as I did.

This is a feeling of hope that we need to embrace right now along with continued participation in the CDC recommendations of mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing. I am so honored to work alongside such dedicated individuals who are tirelessly devoted to the health care of our community and of each other.

I look forward to celebrating with you in the future when we can put this terrible disease in our rear view mirrors. Thank you!


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