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URMC / Highland Hospital / Medical Professionals / Physician News / February 2021 / Improving Lives with BETTR FLOW

Improving Lives with BETTR FLOW

Libby JewsburyLibby Jewsbury

“The BETTR (Bed Management, EVS, Transport, Transfer and Reporting ) Flow Program, recently introduced at Highland, has the potential to dramatically improve the experience of receiving and providing care,” said Libby Jewsbury, Highland's Director of Patient Flow and Census Management.

Jewsbury is working with physicians and other providers across Highland and the UR Medicine system to create a data driven learning system for hospital-wide patient flow. “Success will require data that we trust, and dashboards that will make it actionable,” said Jewsbury. “ It will require standardization of workflow and process, and coordination among all clinicians who use eRecord today (Strong Memorial Hospital -- including Golisano Children’s Hospital and Wilmot Cancer Institute; Highland Hospital, and FF Thompson Hospital), as well as those who transition to eRecord in the future.”

UR Medicine has engaged consultants from EPIC who have helped dozens of large academic health systems successfully launch similar initiatives.  UR Medicine Informatics, Operations and ISD, in collaboration with EPIC, is hosting enterprise-wide Discovery Sessions aimed at gathering frontline feedback on current patient flow pain points, workflows and optimizations, which is critical to our success.

The goals of BETTR Flow include:

  1. Keep whole team informed
  2. Discharge patients earlier
  3. Get patients where they need to be faster and more safely
  4. Know exactly where patients are at each point

Highland Physicians on the BETTR Flow team include: Timothy Lum, M.D.; Keely Dwyer-Matzky, M.D.; Youngrin Kim, M.D. and Irene Perillo, M.D.

The team will work to arrange meetings at flexible times to accommodate the challenges of the current climate. For more information contact Jewsbury at


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