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Moving Forward

The one year anniversary of our first patient in the COVID-19 pandemic has come and gone. Over the past year we have experienced the first surge, then a brief respite in the summer before the more serious second surge in the fall that we hoped would never happen. But the quick availability of vaccines has given us new hope and a path to a brighter future. Still we aren’t there quite yet. New strains of the virus have produced more challenges. And we still need more people to be vaccinated. As physicians and health care providers, I am calling on you to help us in this quest. Please encourage your patients to get the vaccine. Reassure them of its safety and efficacy and that the sooner more are vaccinated, the sooner we can get closer to normal.

A new double masking policy for Highland Hospital employees who work at Highland and are not fully vaccinated is in effect. This requires all employees who are not fully vaccinated to double mask during work activities, except when on breaks, eating or in a private office by themselves. Details regarding this new policy and exceptions are available on the Highland intranet. 

Highland is performing weekly COVID-19 tests on all unvaccinated employees who work on or provide patient care services on the following high-risk units: West 5, West 4, and Special Care Nursery. High risk units are determined by recent exposures, length of stay on unit and a majority of patients unable to mask. These units are subject to change. The testing process details are also available on the Highland intranet.


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