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URMC / Highland Hospital / Medical Professionals / Physician News / June 2022 / An Interview with Mathew Devine, D.O., President of the Monroe County Medical Society

An Interview with Mathew Devine, D.O., President of the Monroe County Medical Society

Mathew Devine, D.O., Medical Director of Highland Family Medicine and Associate Professor, University of Rochester Department of Family Medicine, is the new President of the Monroe County Medical Society (MCMS).  Dr. Devine previously served as Secretary and Treasurer of the organization. The following is an interview with Dr. Devine about his role at the Medical Society and his goals as president.

What inspired you to seek the presidency of the MCMS?

When my former colleague Chris Bell was executive director of the MCMS I became active in the organization. I gravitated towards it because I felt the group needed the involvement of more academic physicians. They are doing amazing work. MCMS has 15 committees, all collaborating for quality. I am enamored by the fact the group brings physicians together from different health systems offering opportunities to collaborate. Regardless of where we work, we all have similar issues and can help each other. The organization has been a great help to all throughout the pandemic with weekly reports about such issues as where to find antivirals, where to find testing, vaccines, and other issues.

What are your goals as president?

I hope to nurture and increase membership and involvement and that includes getting more students, residents, and attendings involved. I want to bring back members who may have left for one reason or another. It’s important to note that we are attached to the Medical Society of New York and our collaboration reaps important benefits for medical staff. As an organization we want to continue to work on improvement of mental health of our community. That includes pediatric, adolescent, and adult initiatives as well as physician wellness. We want to reinvigorate quality of care initiatives that were being done pre-pandemic and have been put on hold. We want to help practices to be able to care for more patients again.

Does your role involve working with insurers?

We will continue to work with insurers and government officials to improve services that physicians can provide. For example, reimbursement for video visits began with the pandemic and will continue. We are now working with Congressman Joe Morelle to address the insulin pricing issue. And we will continue to work with insurers to extend coverage to needed services.


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