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Highland Hospital: Looking Towards Fall and Winter

As I write this column Highland census is high as it has been for many weeks. Although we are seeing fewer and much less severe cases of COVID, its effects are still lingering. Some patients who could be returning to nursing homes are still in our hospital because they remain testing positive or because nursing home beds are full. Patients who have postponed elective surgeries are now filling our ORs. And with the fall, comes the concern for the flu, which could be more pernicious this year since masking requirements have been lifted in more and more places. We also must be on the lookout for monkeypox and the unexpected polio outbreak in New York. But we have faced the worst of times and we have the strength and commitment to face whatever comes our way.

The future of Highland looks better and brighter. Our commitment to our patients continues to drive us forward to be the best community hospital we can be. We are addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure the highest quality patient care for all and the best hiring and retention practices. We are concerned with the well-being of our physicians and staff and offering opportunities for education.

As you may be aware, Cindy Becker, Highland’s Vice President and COO, is retiring. We are so grateful for her successful leadership, and we want to express our appreciation for her continued support of our medical staff throughout the years. We will miss her incredible energy, her warmth and her devotion to Highland and our patients. But she leaves a lasting impact on us and the quality of health care in our community and we pay homage to her by continuing her exceptional work.


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