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Here are some physician KUDOS that were taken from Hot Comments during the past several months.

  • It was great to see Dr. Dwiwis. He knows his stuff, and he truly cares. He came up with the perfect prep for me.
  • Dr. Skinner is just the best provider. She cares about her patients, is attentive, and is highly skilled.
  • Dr. Pereira communicated very clearly exactly what to expect and treatments that were going to be done.  He also arranged for a family member to be with patient in emergency at another time. That proved to be extremely beneficial to everyone involved!
  • Dr. Cerce was immediately able to identify and treat me and respond to my emergency. She was clinically sharp and excellent communicator.
  • Dr. Persaud was the very best one could ask for.
  • Dr. Harp was excellent.
  • Dr. Repich was outstanding and so incredibly supportive.
  • Dr. Bansal took the time to really hear me and my concerns and acknowledge understanding where it was coming from. It was greatly appreciated by this 81 year old.
  • Dr. Rashid and his team are world class. They were very professional and caring and went out of their ways to ensure my comfort and overall wellbeing. They kept my family and primary care doctor well informed before and after the surgery.
  • Dr. McCrumb was a wonderful anesthesiologist - I would definitely request him for any other surgeries!!
  • Dr. Emily White was terrific in keeping the family informed.
  • Dr. Hays was excellent - very caring, informed, and frequently informing patient and family about care, meds, tests results.
  • Dr. Beddoe and the entire maternity ward staff treated me with the utmost respect and care.
  • Dr. Fazili was wonderful and efficient
  • Dr. Coniglio and his staff was amazing
  • Dr. Change and his team were absolutely wonderful!
  • Dr. Tim Lum, in a few minutes, reduced my pain level from 8-10 to 0-1, as he fixed my dislocated shoulder . Almost like magic and I am so thankful.
  • Dr. Aloushia was very nice.  He made sure I understood everything he explained to me.
  • The staff as well as Dr. Goldstein were professional and caring at all times.  I have the utmost faith in Dr. Goldstein- he's helped me a lot.
  • Dr. Gentile and the attending staff were extremely professional and put any concerns to rest.
  • I was truly pleased to meet Dr. Stuart Hanau! The superb Anesthesiologist who was very informative, encouraging, reassuring, patient, and a great sense of humor!
  • I cannot be more thankful for the doctors I saw, especially Dr. Bellizzi.
  • Drs. Salib and Chan were superb.
  • Dr. Bennett was very good at explaining what was being done and answering questions as was Dr. Neary.
  • Dr. Lum and Dr. Salib were both very kind and took the time to listen and describe what they were doing
  • Dr. Flouresque and Dr. Clement were wonderful and I trusted that they had my best interest. Resident doctor Lee was wonderful and cared about my progress. We are so thankful for them!
  • Thank you Dr. Chu and Dr. Cunningham for delivering my baby. The visit from Dr. Chu the next morning was nice, he was very encouraging and supportive to a new mother.
  • Dr. William E. O’Malley and his five man/woman surgical team were exceptional!!  They made me laugh, focus, and remain calm at my time of surgery.  They were competent and performed with precision.
  • I was afraid of taking a certain drug and Dr. Sunil Bansal came in to visit me. He set my mind at ease about my upcoming procedure. He is a very caring, compassionate and exceptionally wonderful young man who knows how to treat patients and due to his confidence, he made me feel reassured I would be ok.
  •  Dr. Cummins was wonderful. He explained my condition is an understanding way and had a great bedside manner.
  • Dr. Poles and her staff are great. Everyone would answer questions in easy to understand language .
  • Dr. Lum was absolutely EXCEPTIONAL in his care of me in my emergency room visit.  Highland Hospital is very FORTUNATE to have such a person on their staff.
  • Dr. Hu was super attentive.  A+ manner, knowledge, etc.
  • Dr. Matthew was awesome!


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