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Highland Hospital / Quality of Care / Hip Replacement / Orthopaedic Services Available

Availability and Type of Orthopaedic Services

Highland Hospital has a dedicated orthopaedic unit and other dedicated orthopaedic services, such as:
  • Dedicated operating room for orthopaedic surgery

  • Three surgical suites dedicated to joint replacement

  • Clinical pathways of care/guidelines for total hip replacement

  • Physical therapy available more than once a day

  • Pre-hospital assessment and patient education programs

  • Discharge planning and coordination with home health programs

Hospitals programs, processes, and services can have an effect on the length of stay, can prevent complications, and can contribute to improved outcomes for persons undergoing total hip replacements (Arthritis & Rheumatism, September 2002: 46(9); 2436-2444; Journal of Nursing Care Quality, December 1998: 13(2); 67-76).

Dedicated orthopedic units in hospitals are those that have staff members who are specifically trained to work with people who have orthopaedic diseases or conditions. Having highly skilled staff, specialized equipment and areas designed for orthopedic recovery, reduces the risk for developing avoidable problems while in the hospital.