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Man using Telehealth servicesHome Telehealth is a service that gives the clinician the ability to monitor and measure patient health data and information such as blood pressure, pulse, weight, and other important vital signs over geographical distances.

Benefits to your Patient

  • Many insurances will cover this service free of charge
  • These small, easy-to-use devices are set up in the home and are designed to the patient’s specific medical conditions
  • Plugs into an electrical outlet
  • Takes just a few minutes each day to take measurements; data is quickly and quietly transmitted to the UR Medicine Home Care Telehealth Nurse. A home Internet connection is not necessary.

    Specialty Programs Service Area

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Benefits to Physicians

  • Early detection of complications means earlier intervention
  • Decreased hospitalizations and Emergency Room visits
  • Improved patient quality of life
  • Promotion of disease and self-management
  • Increased patient and caregiver satisfaction
  • Nurses will contact you when readings are outside the parameters set
  • You can receive the biometric data as often as you would like

The unit is easy and convenient to use; the program is personalized and confidential. To learn more about the Telehealth Services Program from UR Medicine Home Care, call (800) 253-4439.