Estimated Fees

It is critical for users to understand that we are not a screening service but rather are here to assist investigators to perform screening projects.  All projects must have a dedicated individual postdoctoral fellow, technician or graduate student in the laboratory who will work closely with the director of the HTS facility to perform the screening project.  All costs described below are to help support the basic functioning of the facility including library costs, equipment maintenance and personel.


A screening project consists generally consists of four phases.

  1. Assay development.  In order to perform a screen an assay that is suitable for high throughput screening must be developed.  Users must develop their own assays but must be realistic about what assays are suitable for HTS.  The facility will provide advice on assay development and HTS facility equipment can be used to develop the assay.  In the end the assay must be simple and robust.  The amount of time needed for assay optimization, miniaturization, and validation varies depending on the assay variables and technology associated with it.


Pricing for assay development is $55/hr of labor.

More information:

    Document 1

    Document 2

  1. Small scale Screen of Spectrum library.  We recommend a 2000 molecule screen of the Spectrum library.

    Pricing for this screen would be approximately $1500
  2. Large scale Screen of Chembridge library.  5000-20,000 compounds

    Pricing for 20,000 compounds would be approximately $5250

    Included in the price of the screen are cherry picking of the top 20 compound hits and confirmation by assay repeat. An extra charge will apply for dose responses and hit validation beyond the first 20 compounds.

Equipment Rental

Equipment can also be used on a time basis for limited projects depending on availability with close supervision by the facility director.


Pricing/ hr

Janus Robot


Envision Plate Reader


FlexDrop Liquid dispenser


Consumables and Reagents

Users will be responsible for the costs of consumables and reagents required to conduct the screen.  Major consumable costs can include assay plates, pipette tips and assay reagents.

Service Request

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