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Medical Student Education

The Department of Imaging Sciences is committed to a positive educational experience for medical students, and plays an active role throughout the four year curriculum.  Even though most students will decide to specialize in other areas of medicine, imaging has an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and is crucial to exceptional patient care.  Whether students formally enroll in an elective or have more informal exposure to radiology, the goal is to provide a strong foundation for imaging that will remain long after the URMC experience.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our medical student educational programs and opportunities.  Should you have questions, please contact our medical student curriculum coordinator, Julie Bissonnette.

The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry has been highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report and Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Welcome from the Medical Student Curriculum Directors

Shweta Bhatt, M.B.B.S., First and Second Year Curriculum Program Director

Welcome to the Department of Imaging Sciences! 

It’s a great time for you; your medical career is just starting, and you can use this time to solidify your goals, and begin to think about what area of medicine to specialize in.  Even though Radiology currently does not have a large role in your curriculum, I invite you to explore Radiology by joining the Radiology Interest Club, becoming involved in a research project or shadowing one of our radiologists.

Shweta Bhatt, M.B.B.S.
Director, Medical Student Curriculum Program (First/Second Years)
Associate Professor of Imaging Sciences

Devang Butani, M.D., Third and Fourth Year Curriculum Program Director

Welcome to the Department of Imaging Sciences!  We are a department that uses different types of imaging techniques to image the human body and aid in the diagnosis, and often, the treatment of disease.  There are multiple sections within our department based on organ systems and imaging modality.  Your experience in our department is geared towards gaining an overview of the diversity of disease that radiologists diagnose daily. 

Use this opportunity to learn imaging basics, especially what test to obtain when. This knowledge will be vital in your future training and practice. 

We also have many clinically oriented research projects that our faculty and house-staff are involved in that result in publications and/or presentations at the national and international level.  We encourage you to discuss your interests with them during your elective rotations. 

We know that most students will decide not to specialize in Radiology, but our hope is that taking one or more radiology electives will establish a basic radiologic skills set that will benefit you and your future patients.

Enjoy, and remember, you keep what you put into the elective….

Devang Butani, M.D.
Director, Medical Student Curriculum Program (Third/Fourth Years)
Assistant Professor of Imaging Sciences