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Activities and Event Management

The CEL is ready to assist you with every aspect of event planning. Our fees are based on the level of sophistication of the program.

Our Services

Fully Coordinated Educational Activities


These include:

  • Location: Selecting and contracting a location for the activity and communicating with the facility’s staff to ensure that all on-site needs are met including food and beverage, audio-visual and meeting room set-up.
  • Collateral: Coordinating design and production of all advertising materials as determined, including save-the-date postcards, invitations, brochures and posters.
  • Mailings: Identifying the target audience for program marketing materials. Generating mailing lists through the CEL database and other external sources.
  • Registration: Compiling all registration forms and tracking registrant information. Registration reports provided as requested. CPE staff will be on-site for registering attendees the day of the activity and your Program Coordinator will be available throughout the scheduled activity day(s).
  • Commercial Support: Handling all requests for educational grants and exhibit fees after being informed of key commercial support companies by the Activity Director. Coordinating Commercial Support Agreements which must be prepared for each company providing support for an approved CME program. Handling exhibitor set-up and tear-down on the day of the activity. Reconciling all support money after the activity.
  • Speakers: After the Activity Director selects the program speakers, CEL will send out requests for Speaker Declaration Forms for determining conflict of interest, which are required from each speaker according to CME Guidelines and Standards. Gathering of Speaker Information Forms which will indicate speaker overnight accommodation needs, audio-visual requirements and hand-out materials. Hotel accommodations and travel arrangements for speakers handled upon request.
  • Additional Certifications: Completion of any additional applications for continuing education credit such as nursing or AAFP as requested by the Activity Director.
  • Syllabus Materials: Gathering, printing and collating all hand-out materials including program, roster, supporter acknowledgement, speaker hand-outs, note sheets and evaluations.
  • Evaluations: Preparing an evaluation tool which measures the success of the program as related to needs assessment and objectives. Data collected from participants at the conclusion of the activity is evaluated and analyzed for their effectiveness. Results will be shared with the Activity Director, planning committee, and individual speakers.
  • Finances: Managing financial details including construction and modification of the budget, overseeing program revenue and expenses, and if necessary, altering the program structure to ensure that deficits are kept to a minimum. We will prepare a final summary of revenue and expenses for the activity; this is normally accomplished 2-3 months after the activity.

Have questions? Need more information? Please contact our Associate Director, Continuing Education and Programming, Mary Beth Ebersol, in the Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) at (585) 273-5058 or email her directly at

Logistical Event Planning

Site Selection

  • Choosing the right venue—conference room for 10 or reception hall for 300
  • Ordering and arranging for all furnishings
  • Staffing
  • Audio visual equipment and personnel
  • Parking and Transportation needs


  • Catering
  • Travel and housing arrangements
  • Decorations
  • Photography

Have questions? Need more information? Please contact our Event Coordinator, Jillian Lynch, in the Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) at (585) 273-1747 or email her directly at: Jillian