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Conference Presentations

Dr Bisognano Resistant Hypertension

Dr Hamer Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillators

Dr Jacobson Drug Abuse and the Heart

Dr Marcus - OSA - Cardiopulm Symposium 

Dr Rudd Rochester Nov 5 HANDOUTS

Dr Tabechian Rheumatology

Dr Wiener Genetic Testing and Heart Disease

Dr Rao Aortic Stenosis Management Challenges

Dr. Ralph F. Jazefowicz Challenges in Syncope

Dr. Vijay Krishnamoorthy Stai Stemi Update

Dr. Kevin McGrady Syncope

Dr. Katia Kaplan-List Patient With Chest Pain

Dr. Adam Doyle Carotid Disease Management

Dr. Krishna Rao Clinical Pathologic Correlation

Dr. Patel NOACs in Afib