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28th Annual Cardiology for Clinicians Spring Update 2015

May 21, 2015

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Sponsored by:
The Division of Cardiology, URMC
Hosted by:
The Center for Experiential Learning




Cardiovascular disease remains a leading cause of death and morbidity in the United States despite substantial gains in diagnostics, prevention, and treatment. The 2015 URMC Cardiology for Clinicians Spring Symposium plans to go well beyond literature and guideline reviews to provide seasoned expert judgment and recommendations of key advances and state of the art cardiovascular care that clinicians require and their patients expect.

The program begins with an authoritative detailed practical practice update by Dr. John Gassler on anticoagulation medication conversions and bridging guidelines based on the expanded use in practice in recent years of the newer target specific oral anticoagulant medications. The ongoing pressure on health care systems to reduce heart failure readmissions has prompted key talks on new therapy and mechanisms of heart failure: Dr. Leway Chen will discuss evaluation of the potential role of angiotensin-neprilysin inhibition in the management of congestive heart failure will be discussed, and expert review of the cardiorenal syndrome will be reviewed by Dr. Eugene Storozynsky The role of stress and depression in women and the impact on of psychosocial risk factors on cardiovascular health will be examined by women’s heart health expert Dr. Hanna Mieszczanska. URMC cardiothoracic surgeons Peter Knight and Todd Massey will discuss their most challenging cardiac operation and cardiac transplantation cases of the past year and share clinical insights learned from their expert vantage points. Dr. Cove will present a discussion of managing the patient with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In response to growing popular demand for small group interactive sessions, the number of workshops has been increased from 3 to 4 this year.

After lunch, the small group workshops in noninvasive cardiac imaging, preventive cardiology, and clinical cardiovascular roundtable will permit greater interaction of attendees and URMC faculty as the best cardiac imaging cases in nuclear cardiology (SPECT and PET), advances in the cardiac PET imaging in the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment response of cardiac sarcoidosis, cardiac MRI, and the use of echocardiography in the diagnosis and management of congenital heart disease will be presented. A second workshop will be dedicated to advances in the management of cardiovascular risk, focusing on information gaps in practice addressing the value of aspirin, fish oil and lipid altering medications beyond statin therapy in the management of patients with suspected or known cardiovascular disease. A third workshop on clinical management will present interesting interventional cases, address the safety of NSAID use in cardiac patients, and will present the most recent advances in management of atrial fibrillation. The fourth workshop will present innovative discussions of the role of meditation and mindfulness practices on cardiovascular health and quality of life from the perspective of internationally renowned Rochester Zen Center roshi Bodhin Kjholde and internist and mindfulness mentor Dr. Michael Krasner.

The state of the art and science of optimizing outcomes and cost effectiveness in the management of patients with cardiovascular disease by the use of cardiac imaging will be the keynote address of Rochester native Dr. David Wolinsky, President of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and cardiologist of the Cleveland Clinic, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Presented by both community- and world renowned experts in their fields, the 2015 URMC Cardiology for Clinicians Spring Symposium is designed to provide the clinician who needs to know a substantive and interactive learning experience to enhance understanding of the year’s best clinical cases and state of the art of major developments in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

Sessions are designed to benefit primary care physicians, internists, family practitioners, cardiologists and allied health care professionals.

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss areas of cardiovascular practice updates with major advances in the past year.
  • Discuss new opportunities to assess role of psychosocial stress and risk of cardiovascular disease in women.
  • Explain the current available pharmacologic treatments of heart failure and discuss the results of the angiotension-neprilysin inhibitor versus enalipril in heart failure study.
  • Explain how to apply appropriate use criterion for cardiac imaging in choosing proper cardiac imaging testing for patients, and appreciate the necessity of quality data collection to define the value of cardiac testing and cardiac care.
  • Discuss practice management of anticoagulation, heart failure, congenital heart disease, coronary heart disease, cardiac transplantation, atrial fibrillation, cardiac sarcoidosis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and use of additional lipid modifying medications beyond statins for management of cardiovascular risk.

Conference Registration Fees

Exhibitor Registration Amount
   Exhibitor $1,000.00
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     Discounted Price if registered by May 7, 2015 $  85.00
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     Discounted Price if registered by May 7, 2015 $125.00

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Thursday, May 21, 2015
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Eastern Time Zone


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The Center for Experiential Learning