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Registration and refreshments


Morning presentations

Lead Poisoning – How Close Are We To Declaring Victory?
Stanley Schaffer, MD, MS
Director, Western NY Lead Poisoning Resource Center Rochester Office

Reasons for the Decline in Elevated Blood Lead Levels Among Rochester area Children, 1997-2011
Byron Kennedy, MD, PhD, MPH
Commissioner, Monroe County Dept. of Public Health

The Latest Findings from the Cincinnati Lead Study:
Tracing the Effects of Lead over Three Decades of Life
John Paul Wright, PhD
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
University of Cincinnati College of Education
Criminal Justice and Human Services


Pick up a box lunch


Breakout Session #1

  • Workshop A – Coalition Building
  • Workshop B – The Effects of Lead Poisoning on Learning and What Can We Do About It?
  • Workshop C – How to Implement Effective Housing Policy to Reduce Lead Hazards
  • Workshop D – Thinking Outside of the Box – How to Increase Blood Lead Testing Among Children


Breakout Session #2

  • Workshop E – Engaging Government Entities to Promote Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • Workshop F – How to Reach Immigrant and Refugee Groups to Promote Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • Workshop G – How to Address Lead Poisoning in Rural Communities
  • Workshop H – Lead Poisoning’s Contribution to Delinquency and Behavior Problems in School and What Can We Do About It?


Panel Discussion

Future Directions to Address Lead Poisoning (Emphasizing Housing, Health and Education)


Conference Concludes