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Call for Abstracts

We are currently accepting abstracts for the 1st Annual Rochester Global Health Research Symposium at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY.

Types of Work

This is a great chance to share your work at any stage: proposal, formative work, preliminary findings, final results, and lessons learned.


June 5, 2015

Criteria for Acceptance

The goal of this first conference is to be as inclusive as possible. As long as the abstract is well written and pertains to Global Health it will be accepted for the poster session at the conference.


Posters will be judged by two members of the organizing committee based on the quality of the work and presentation of the material.

Format of Submission


maximum 80 characters

Abstract Body

300 words


Who have significantly contributed to the work; optimal limit 5-10 o Presenting author must be listed first (upper-case letters). For each author, include first and second initials and last name. Separate authors with semi-colon. Example: FC Jones; AF Hill; KG Witherspoon


List institution(s) where work was performed. Present affiliation information with author initials following each corresponding affiliation. Example: University of Rochester (FCJ); US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (AFH, KGW)


Explain the importance of the research or activity to include objectives, goals and purpose

Design Methods

Briefly explain the procedure and strategy used to gather the information presented.


What did you find when you performed the analysis of the information presented?


How does the result address the hypothesis? How do the reported findings contribute to the knowledge in the respective field?

Mention of Grant Support

(where applicable, not part of word count) Authors are encouraged to acknowledge grant support for work.

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