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Enhancing Quality of Care, Quality of Caring and Resilience

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May 2-6, 2016

Sponsored by:

The Department of Family Medicine – Mindful Practice Programs

Hosted by:  

The Center for Experiential Learning


Chapin Mill Retreat Center
8603 Seven Springs Road
Batavia, NY 14020          


A 5-day, retreat-like workshop designed to enable clinician and medical educators deepen their skills in mindful practice and their ability to teach and develop programs in mindful practice at their home institutions. Mindful practice promotes effective, efficient and compassionate care while also improving clinicians’ own resilience and well-being by building clinicians’ attentiveness, situational awareness, self-awareness, teamwork, and self-monitoring in stressful and demanding clinical situations. The workshop helps participants define and realize their learning goals in an experiential learning environment.

Designed for medical practitioners (physicians, NPs, PAs) and others involved in medical practice and education, the program combines didactic presentations and experiential exercises using narratives, appreciative inquiry, and contemplative practices such as mindfulness meditation. Session themes address attention, suffering, teamwork, difficult conversations with patients/families, uncertainty in medicine, medical education, grief and loss, resilience and compassion.

The workshop will offer hands-on experience in teaching and facilitation. It is designed for those who wish to advance their teaching skills and to support efforts at implementing Mindful Practice® curricula in their own settings. Preference will be given to those who have previously attended a Mindful Practice workshop, but those with prior experience teaching communication skills, meditation, and self-awareness practices may also apply. Based on experience, a half-day pre-course may be required.

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Please contact the Center for Experiential Learning 585-275-7666 with any questions or concerns or require assistance with online registration.

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