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Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Clinical and Community Collaboration


March 11, 2016

Location & Accommodations

RIT Inn and Conference Center
5257 West Henrietta Road
Henrietta, NY 14467

Attendees requiring overnight accommodations may call the RIT Inn and Conference Center (585) 359-1800

Activity Description / Needs Statement

The workshop will present information relating to need for Pediatric expertise in working with this population (including medical, nutritional and swallowing concerns) and ways that clinicians and community therapists can work together to provide comprehensive care to families. A series of presenters and a panel discussion will be offered, as well as lunch and (vendors). Clinical learning objectives include, matching assessment to treatment for complex feeding problems, identification of nutritional concerns in special pediatric populations, understanding processes and information associated with Video fluoroscopic Swallow Study, and assessment and treatment of pica. Community learning objectives will be discussing communication strengths and barriers associated with transitioning care from community to clinic (and vice versa), learning about a variety of feeding services in our region, and developing strategies to assist with continuity of care across settings.

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Participants will learn about complex medical cases related to feeding (scurvy, allergy)
  • Participants will gain knowledge about when Pharyngograms are necessary, what the procedure tells us, and how this data is useful
  • Participants will gain understanding about the assessment and treatment of pica.
  • Participants will learn about how to be involved in proper communication between clinic and school settings
  • Participants will learn about community providers for feeding, and the strengths and barriers of working together. This includes all therapy providers.

Target Audience

This program has been developed for SLPs, OTs, BCBA’s, Psychologists and other educational professionals

For questions or more information on how to become a vendor at this event, please contact:

Jennifer T. Foley
Carolyn King

Speakers / Faculty
Certification / Accreditation
Registration Fees

Please contact the Center for Experiential Learning 585-275-7666 if you require assistance with online registration

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