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Essentials of Pain Management

Pain Management Addicition Chronic Pain Labor Opiod Induced Respiratory Depression Nursing Assessment Post operative Medical Marijuana Prescription Drug Abuse

The Essentials of Pain Management series is designed for all women's health care professionals as an overview of the fundamentals of pain medicine, in addition to identifying best practices and practical approaches to the treatment of common pain disorders and clinical situations in women's health.

The nine-course series addresses the need for continuing education for professionals treating people with pain and is designed to advance patient outcomes by improving the assessment, treatment, and management of patients with various pain disorders in women's health.

Each course includes a 10 question post test with multiple attempts, and awards a total of 26.25 CNE Contact Hours, including 22.5 Pharmacology Contact Hours.

The Essentials of Pain Management offers the flexibility to access each course online at any time for one year for both provider and educator convenience, and offers health systems the ability to document staff proficiency and validate staff knowledge. This pain management series will help reduce risk and errors, increase efficiency and patient care, reinforce and document staff competency, and grow the knowledge and skills of the providers in your healthcare system.

CNE Contact Hours are included for individual courses and for individuals who purchase access to the nine-course series for one year. Delayed start dates are available for multiple, individual course purchases upon request.

Group series access to all nine courses includes unlimited access for one year for up to 30 participants. CNE Contact Hours are available at a discounted rate to group participants.

The nine-course series includes:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Pain
  • Biology of Addiction
  • Nursing Pain Assessment and Interventions
  • Postoperative Pain Management
  • Monitoring for Opioid Induced Respiratory Depression
  • Neuraxial Anesthesia for Managing the Pain of Labor
  • Medical Marijuana in Women’s Health
  • Prescription Drug Abuse in Pregnancy
  • Chronic Pain Management

Essentials of Pain Management Program Overview

How to Purchase

  • Visit our online store to purchase individual courses or access to the nine-course series. Using a promo code? Apply any active promotional code directly at checkout to save!
  • Complete and return the Essentials Registration Form with payment.

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