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Non-University Sponsored Rates

Updated July, 2015

CME Activity Certification (AMA) 

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) $795.00
Activity Certification $995.00
Per-session review fee (series) $75.00
Awarding of credit (per person) $8.00

Certificate Fees

<20 Participants $100.00
21-200 Participants  $200.00
201-500 Participants $350.00
501+ Participants $500.00


Basic Evaluation $50.00 per speaker
Custom Evaluation TBD

Standardized Patients

Standard SP Rate $30/hr
Male GU/Breast/Pelvic Exams $160/ea
Rape Kit $85/ea
Ultrasound (non-invasive) $35/ea
Ultrasound (invasive) $85/ea
Transvaginal Ultrasound $55/ea plus $75/hr for staff presence
Trainer for scenarios $75/hr
Film Shoot per SP (only incl SP) $185/half day;
$355/full day

Simulation Equipment

Defibrillator $30/half day
$50/full day
Code Cart $50 half day $100 full day
Defibrillators - AED Trainers $25 per use
Heart Simulators $20 per use
IV Arm - Adult/Pediatric $30 per use
Mannequin - Adult CPR (Full Body) $30 per use
Mannequin- Adult CPR (Torso) $30 per use
Mannequin- Adult Intubation $35 per use
Mannequin- Central Line-Simulab $130 per use
Mannequin- Central Line-Blue Phantom $150 per use
Mannequin - Central Line / Femoral Line $100 per use
Mannequin- Child CPR (Full Body) $40/half or full day
Mannequin - Child CPR (Torso) $40/half or full day
Mannequin - Infant CPR $40/half or full day
Mannequin- Megacode Kelly $100/half day
$115/full day
Mannequin - Megacode Kid $95/half day
$110/full day
Mannequin - Pediatric Intubation $30/half or full day
Mannequin - SimBaby $180/half day
$210/full day
Mannequin- SimNewB $180/half day
$200/full day
Mannequin-SimManEssential $210/half day
$265/full day
Mannequin-SimMan $190/half day
$225/full day
Pulse Oximeter $20/half or full day
Suction Unit - Portable $15/half or full day
Harvey $115/half day
$165/full day
B-Line Recording Please Call
Central Line Kits $95 each
CEL Coordination Offered:
*  All coordination services incur a 15% CEL Administrative Fee
Tech time (set up/tear down) $75/hour
Consumables Pass Through
Replacement Skins Pass Through