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URMC Faculty Sponsored Educational Technology Rates

CEL Services Offered

                                                  *Updated February 2017

Production Services

Video Recording  $60.00 per hour
Lecture Capture recording/webcast $105.00 first hour, $75.00 each additional hour
Audio recording  $60.00 per hour
Studio production $60.00 per hour
Teleprompter $25.00 per hour
Cassette/VHS Copy $10.00 for first, $5.00 for each additional
*Rush service available 25% fee

A/V Equipment Rental

Turning Point $30.00 per lost clicker
Projection screen $25.00
Podium $15.00
Podium with sound system $25.00
Small sound system $30.00
Anchor/Carvin/Fender sound system $60.00
Large sound system $100.00
Wireless microphone $15.00
Audio press box $25.00
TV/VCR combo $35.00
DV camcorder $30.00
Document camera $30.00
Plasma TV $50.00
Laptop $20.00
Nametag Case $20.00

Available Services 

Change projector bulb-URMC campus No charge for First hour, $60 per additional hour
Projector preventative maintenance/replacement-URMC campus $60.00 per hour
A/V Troubleshooting- URMC campus No charge First hour, each additional hour $60.00
Polycom setup No charge during normal business hours (7:30am-5pm)

Polycom set up off hours

(Before 7:30am and after 5pm

$75 for 15 minutes of set up ($60 per hour for each additional requested hour)
B-Line Recordings $60 per hour
CEL Coordination Offered:
*  All coordination services incur a 15% CEL Administrative Fee
Tech time  $60 per hour