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CEL Audio Video Installation Services

Introducing  CEL Audio Video Installation Services!

  • Need to video conference with your peers?
  • Want to replace that outdated conference room system?
  • Do you just need an AV expert in your corner?

The Institute for Innovative Education now provides AV consultation and installation services.
Our goal is to meet your needs, and the process is simple:

  1. We meet with you to discover your needs and see the space
  2. We put together an easy to read job overview which outlines the cost and proposed functionality of your new equipment, meeting current URMC AV equipment and performance standards
  3. We obtain purchase quotes from UR-Approved vendors, and hand them off to your department for ordering
  4. We install the equipment for you and will provide future support

Our team handles the installation from start to finish. If needed, we even collaborate with Facilities to rework your current space.

Comparison with Outside AV Vendors

Comparison Costs Digital Collaboration Team Outside Vendors
Equipment Cost NO Additional Markup 20-30% Markup
Labor Cost $60 per hour $100-$120 per hour

Examples of Our Work

  • screen setup
  • media panel
  • huddle camera
  • screen and camera setup

Contact Information

Scott Allen
Associate Director of Audiovisual Collaboration and Support Services
Office Phone: (585) 275-7904

Zack Weissman
Educational Media Specialist – Lead AV Designer and Installer
Office Phone: (585) 690-7164

The Media and Digital Collaboration department is available to assist you in all of your audiovisual needs.

  • Provide Audio-Visual Support in Public and Classroom Room Spaces
  • Public address sound system and Portable lectern set-up
  • Provide room training and orientation
  • Provide AV consultation and installation services – New Digital Collaboration Team

Please feel free to contact the Office for Educational Resources at (585) 275-7666 to schedule support for your event or any of the services above.

If you would like to contact Media directly, please call (585) 275-1973 or by email at IIE Media Services.

Contact Information

Steve SanFilippo – Room 2-7512
Office Phone: (585) 273-4562

Institute for Innovative Education – Information Technology (IIE-IT) is committed to being a partner with the University community in the development, deployment and support of classroom technology, and computing systems. In fulfilling this role, IIE-IT places a high value on customer service and is dedicated to continuing organizational and individual improvement. The IIE-IT staff is responsible for the installation, customization, maintenance, project management, and problem resolution of the hardware and systems software that support the classrooms, auditoriums and conference rooms. In addition, we provide support for the web-based Poll Everywhere Audience Response Program.