Collaboration/Consulting Services

Contact Person

Dr. Xing Qiu
Assistant Professor
Tel:(585) 275-0666
Office: Saunders Research Building Room 4.226

Service Goals

  • Support scientific research and biological findings for our collaborators
  • Help our collaborators to secure research grants and funds
  • Identify methodological research directions/topics and datasets

CIBEM Services

Biostatistics services: specialized in immunology and infectious diseases

  • Study design and sample size calculation
  • Assay data processing and statistical data analysis
  • Grant application support

Biomedical informatics services

  • Data management: clinical/lab data integration for translation studies
    • Bio-Lab Informatics Server (BLIS) - data integration and analytics system
  • Database and data management system development
  • Biocomputing and bioinformatics tool and software development
  • Other informatics tool development

Bioinformatics study support

  • Bioinformatics study design
  • Bioinformatics and high-throughput "-omics" data analysis: microarray, RNA-Seq, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiome, CHIP-Seq etc
  • Gene regulatory network analysis and other biological network analysis

Computational biology and mathematical biology

  • Computational modeling of biological systems
  • Systems biology analysis and modeling
  • Molecular dynamics modeling and simulations
  • Multi-scale modeling

Biomedical imaging data analysis

  • fMRI and DTI data analysis
  • Multi-photon imaging data
  • Amnis-IamgeStream Gen X data analysis
  • Any other bio-imaging data