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A Message about Windows 10

Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows called Windows 10.

Microsoft will be issuing the update starting July 29, 2015 with users that had tested pre-release versions and those who reserved a download. Microsoft is offering the upgrade to all Windows 7 and 8.1 users for free over the next year. However, University IT, ISD, and Research & Academic IT strongly advises that you wait to upgrade your system, including personal computers that utilize University-provided antivirus or VPN. There are many applications, including security applications, which are not yet fully compatible with Windows 10. The delay is because third-party vendors need to test their software for compatibility and make the appropriate changes to address any issues identified.

University IT will create a webpage in the coming days as more information becomes available. The page will describe the dates at which security applications will be fully compatible with Windows 10. Please contact the IT Help Desk with any questions.


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