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Service Awards and Recognition Banquet

On May 17, 2023, Jones Memorial honored 36 healthcare professionals who have dedicated a total of 450 years of service to the hospital and the community. Katy Willard was presented with the Care Champion of 2022.


Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries

honoreesAttending the banquet to celebrate were, from left, Jim Helms, 10 years; Dixie Church, 10 years; Teresa Blakney-Randall, 5 years; Christina Torpey, 10 years; Britney Clark, 10 years; Joann Gant, 5 years; Liz Velia, 10 years; Amanda Elliott, 5 years; Brenda Mong Szabo, 35 years; Seren Chamberlain, 5 years; Cherrie Feeman Macafee, 35 years; Jim Franklin, 5 years; Jaimie Gleason, 5 years; Barb Lanphier, 40 years; Steve VanSkiver, 45 years; Michele McMorris, 15 years; Rhiannon Murphy, 5 years; Scott Mereddu, 10 years; Yvonne Morris, 5 years; David Roae, 5 years; Lisa Armstrong, 30 years; Hope Gilfert, 5 years; and Douglas George, 5 years. Unable to attend the dinner were Steve Collins, Reynaldo Belen, Melina Fancher, Lynette Hilliard, Susie Smith, Taylor Johnson, and Katy Wallace, who all celebrated five years at Jones; Megan Elmes, Carolyn Smith, Sue Thomas, and Geln Krotje, all celebrating ten years, and Lu-Ann Kaye, 20 years. 

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication!